GIS Data Library

Muskegon County GIS will begin releasing certain GIS data sets free of charge in late 2018 as part of a larger open data initiative beginning for the GIS program.  Additionally, data that is available for purchase will be listed here as well as the pricing structure.   

Please note, as of June 28th, this page is still being developed and expanded with the launch of the new Muskegon County Website.  Additional data and free data downloads are being added regularly.  

GIS DatasetCoverage/Qty$ PriceDownload Link
Parcel DataFull County$20,000.00Not Available
Parcel DataFull Township/City$0.35 Per ParcelNot Available
Parcel DataSelected Parcel Set$0.50 Per ParcelNot Available
Parcel Data with OwnershipFull County$24,000.00Not Available
Parcel Data with OwnershipFull Township/City$0.40 Per ParcelNot Available
Parcel Data with OwnershipSelected Parcel Set$0.55 Per ParcelNot Available
Aerial Photography Tile (Current: 2014)Per Photo Tile (tiles are 2500x2500 feet)$20.00 Per TileNot Available
Aerial Photography - Full County (Current: 2014)Full County as Mr. SID Image File$5,000.00Not Available
Aerial Photography Tile (Historic: 2008, 2001)Per Photo Tile (tiles are 2500x2500 feet)$10.00 Per TileNot Available

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